Monday, 9 July 2007

What a Weekend!


Spectators were lined up on Waterloo Bridge waiting for the Tour de France as I and dozens of the 200 students in the entire program walked with several professors to St. Paul's Cathedral for the morning service. It featured St. Paul's Cathedral Choir and the City of London Sinfonia, celebrating the centenary of the birth of organist-composer Jean Langlais. Afterward, I walked with a few other grad students through the empty City (financial section) to the impressive Guildhall. (This photo shows me in front of the Guildhall.)

We had a big-group orientation on Sunday afternoon until about 5 p.m. I then fast-walked to the Imperial War Museum and had nearly an hour to see exhibits. After that, I took the tube to Sloane Square and walked down the King's Road to Oakley Street, then along the Thames all the way back to Waterloo, which took nearly five hours! (I paid for that little adventure with a few blisters -- but apparently I am not alone!)


Great to arrive in surprisingly sunny London and feel the excitement of so many things happening -- Wimbledon finals, the start of the Tour de France (for the first time in London!), and a Live Earth concert. The dorms and computer lab at King's College Waterloo campus are perfectly suitable for our needs. Professors Dr. Teresa Welsh and Miss Melissa Wright, and my 16 graduate student colleagues and I went for a late afternoon orientation walk around our neighborhood (the South Bank). Then Nancy, Mike, and I walked on to the Globe Theatre, London Bridge, and London Bridge tube.


The start of the London Libby adventure! On Friday, July 6, 2007, I flew from Fort Myers, Florida, to Newark, and then to Heathrow overnight. I actually slept a little bit on the plane, which is most amazing for me! (Many of the passengers were students on this University of Southern Mississippi British Studies Summer Program.)

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