Saturday, 4 August 2007

Dublin for a Day

Ultra-cheap airline RyanAir more than ''encouraged'' me to fly over to Dublin, even though my mini-break schedule allowed me to stay there for just a day. (I had already made plans to visit my friends in the Cotswolds.) On Thursday morning, July 26, Kathy, Edie, Nancy and I flew to a much rainier and colder city than we had experienced thus far! Kathy and I booked a room at the Tulip Inn near the airport, to be able to leave the next morning. (Edie and Nancy booked a room in a castle outside the city, as they were staying longer in Ireland.)


The four of us took the Dublin Sightseeing City Tour in the afternoon, and the 90-minute bus ride gave me a good feel for the city, even though I kept falling asleep! That evening, Kathy and I saw ''Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'' and walked around the city a bit more. We stopped by the centrally located but still sort of controversial ''Spire of Dublin.'' (It is officially called the ''Monument of Light'' but apparently has lots of nicknames....) The stainless steel monument was supposed to have been finished for the millenium but was not completed until 2003, and is 120 meters (393 feet) high. Of course I got really dizzy looking up at it!

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