Saturday, 4 August 2007

More Explorations Around Edinburgh

Edie and I continued our explorations around Edinburgh, including visiting the enormous National Museum of Scotland, which is embarking upon a 15-year renovation plan! (Most of the museums and libraries we visited throughout the U.K. seem to be undergoing refurbishment and/or expansion!) The Scottish museum currently has a world-class exhibit (through Oct. 28, 2007) called ''Weaving Words: The Art of Anna S. King.'' The talented fiber artist even experiments with handmade paper and tiny books, in addition to weaving with feathers and buttons.


Scotland is naturally proud of its recent devolution from England, and I really like the new Parliament building that is at the bottom of the Royal Mile across from Holyrood House. Some people might not find it to their taste, but architect Enric Miralles said he wanted it to ''sit in the land'' and have stones from the old brewery and other buildings previously on the site. (The photo above shows part of Parliament at right, across from the Queen's Gallery, which is connected to Holyrood House.)

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